DataIQ shortlist

We’re Shortlisted for the DataIQ Awards!

We’re Shortlisted for the DataIQ Awards! 1920 1280 Georgie Morgan

We’re one of six shortlisted in the Data for Society category

We’re delighted to announce that CitizenMe has been shortlisted for the Data for Society category for the DataIQ Awards

Data for a better digital society

The DataIQ Awards honours companies and individuals that have demonstrated excellence in the data industry over the past 12 months. The Data for Society category is for data initiatives that improve the quality of life for groups or societies. CitizenMe exists to empower people to take ownership of their data and choose how to use it to build a better digital society for everyone. Giving Citizens the power to reclaim ownership of their data and allowing them to decide what to do with it allows us to work towards that, together, one Citizen at a time. With over 11 million ethical and consensual zero-party data transactions already made from the CitizenMe app – we are well on our way to helping Citizens achieve this, giving them a platform to do it. 

Why we exist

Sustainability is our most urgent human need. This rightly concerns both our physical lived environment and, increasingly, our digital environment. We’re taking on this challenge and liberating Citizens to take back control of their data. With personal data held on their smartphones, the private Collective functionality enables Citizens to connect over shared commonalities, be it mental or physical health, finance or the environment. The sharing of zero-party data within Collectives creates exciting opportunities for the advancement of research that’s a huge benefit not only commercially, but for society, charities and scientists alike. 

The future

We are delighted that DataIQ is supporting people in data analytics and recognising efforts towards a sustainable digital future.

Our CEO, StJohn Deakins, said

It’s an honour to be shortlisted along with such high calibre companies in this year’s DataIQ Awards. These awards consistently showcase the very best in the data industry and we’re proud to be counted in their number. The Data For Good Award speaks to the heart of our mission: To democacise data for all.”

To see how we can transform your data world, you can sign up for the CitizenMe Marketplace platform, or book an appointment with our business development team.