What is CitizenMe all about?

What is CitizenMe all about? 2880 1620 Claudia Velilla

This interview clip from Wonk Bridge’s article on ‘Bringing the Power of Data Back to the People’ focuses on the power of sharing your own personal data.

The problem is that data shouldn’t be seen as being owned by individuals, but rather it should be seen as being shared between individuals as if it was a memory. For example, when you buy something in the supermarket, this supermarket has a memory of that action, the same way that you have a memory of what you bought while there. 

The supermarket needs to know what you bought for their business intelligence, so that they know what to stock on the shelves. For you, it’s similar. You can put together the fact that you bought a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with the fact that you haven’t been to the gym in the past week, which means that maybe you shouldn’t have bought that ice cream. The supermarket doesn’t need to know that because that’s only insightful for you. 

However, they do want to know that you buy ice cream every week when you come back from the gym. So in combination, if the supermarket can see that you buy Ben &Jerry’s ice cream when you come back from the gym every week, they can nudge you with buying high protein ice cream instead. This has a better lifestyle outcome for you and a better outcome for the supermarket because they get 5% off lifting sales up. This is what we call a symbiotic of shared memory. 

The problem is that if we look at data portability, you have no place to store this digital memory. 

Currently, the supermarket is the only one with a record of that – you get no record. You don’t know if you bought that ice cream the week before or not. If you were to have somewhere to store that, then you could have your digital memory, which puts you on the same level as the supermarket. 

At the moment, there is nowhere for us (as individuals) to store that digital memory. And that’s what CitizenMe is about. We connect organisations and citizens to ethically exchange data. We enable Citizens to flourish as humans by providing them with a digital mirror of themselves. This digital mirror allows them to have a better mental health. We provide organisations with the best quality data that has been anonymously gathered and consented by those who produce it. 

If you want to watch this interview clip, click here. This interview clip is the last of this story for now! If you missed the previous one, check it out here.

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