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Who can you speak to through the CitizenMe platform?

Who can you speak to through the CitizenMe platform? 608 331 Claudia Velilla

We connect you with virtually any research audience in the world. We have a growing base of over a quarter of a million users on our platform, where you can create traditional market research questions alongside other data points such as self-reported, verified and algorithmic AI data. Our team has access to a global audience of over 50M people. We are able to create custom audiences for any client, meaning even the most niche audiences. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Whether you are an organisation needing to find specific traits about your target audience,  a charity trying to figure out how more people can donate money to your cause, or an academic organisation doing some quantitative research; finding interesting correlations with your target audience is incredibly powerful with CitizenMe.

Download our full PDF here and get in contact with us to start your research today!