50 Million users on base!

50 Million users on base! 1920 1492 Adam Baker

You can now access over 50 million consumers globally! Thanks to our partnership with a variety of trusted panel providers, you can now reach any audience around the world, all through the same easy to use interface, with the support of your CitizenMe account contact. 

If you need an audience we don’t yet have, and you don’t have a need for the deeper insights available via the existing pool of Citizens, we’ll help you reach your required sample size in practically any market.

Our partners’ panels comply with guidelines set by industry regulators such as ESOMAR and MRS, so you can be sure you will be receiving results from the best industry standard panel providers.

  • Industry standard panel of over 50 million consumers
  • Reach any audience around the world
  • Larger sample sizes

And the best news is, each time we conduct research using one of our trusted panel partners, it helps us to grow our community of Citizens in that market. Over time, you will be able to access the same samples available through our trusted panel partners, but through our distributed Citizen database, meaning greater depth of verified data, collected in a more ethical way, amongst fully verified consumers.

CitizenMe gives organisations access to a growing audience of over 220,000 highly engaged users who store copies of their own data on their phone, providing deeper insights than the self-reported survey data available via traditional market research sources. With hundreds of data points available, from algorithmic (AI) surfaced data such as personality types, fitness and ecological friendliness, to verified data such as app usage data, social media data and step count, it is now possible to add greater depth to your project, all in a single data file delivered in minutes. 

All Citizens’ data is stored on their smartphone and backed-up to a personal cloud with encryption, which means that the app data is completely decentralised. Citizens actively give consent each time they share data with a brand, so you can be sure you are accessing information in a way that is beyond GDPR compliant. This makes us the first data company that doesn’t store any data – but can guarantee its veracity and provenance

If you’d like to sign up as a Client, have any questions or would like to receive a quote for your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@citizenme.com