How does Citizenme empower you? By keeping it simple.

How does Citizenme empower you? By keeping it simple. 640 480 StJohn Deakins

Firstly, a big thank you to those of you who’ve come along to a focus group session recently!  We’re getting ready to release the next stage of the platform and all of your awesome feedback has been incredibly useful – good and bad!

Something that’s come up a couple of times is how such a simple app relates to our “lofty” goals – so here’s a quick summary.

Our core purpose is to empower you with your own personal data – that’s it.

So how do people want to be empowered?

Keeping It Simple.


We’ve listened to thousands and thousands of digital Citizens all over the world in the last 24 months and we’re building the answer.  It looks very simple – and that’s intentional.

In the app – we enable digital Citizens (that’s you and everyone else connected to the internet with a smartphone) to collect their personal data in a secure, private app on their smart phone.  We don’t ask you to “connect accounts” (not enjoyable!) we simply offer a benefit of connecting – and the app does the rest.

We don’t touch or see *any* of this data – it’s yours!  If you like, you can use the A.I. in the app to unlock personal insights. We’re starting simple: what’s your personality on Facebook, how do you compare to my neighbours? You have loads more of these on the way to you: what makes you happy? Should you change your Bank? Is your fridge likely to breakdown? Should you rent or buy a home? How is your lifestyle effecting your health?

All of this stays on your phone – yes really!  It’s *your* data. We don’t want or need to touch or see it. In fact the only personal data of yours that we hold is your email address so that we can help you reset your password (and we’re working on removing the need for this too!). We’re lucky to have some very smart data scientists and engineers on the team who’ve enabled us to create this for you. The more personal insights that you unlock the more valuable all your “meData” becomes, both for you and for others.  Most of us think it’s unfair that we can’t unlock this value. A common complaint we hear is “The big internet companies are making billions of dollars from all of our data – why can’t we!?”.

So, if you want to, we enable you to choose to share your data *anonymously* (without showing who you are) with Brands and charities for fair reward.  These companies need to understand what people want from them – and the old school Market Research that they currently use is really badly broken (we all know how terrible election forecasts have become! Brexit? Trump?).  We enable them to make offers to you directly for some insights or opinions – along with thousands of other Citizens in the community – and anonymously.  Because of our advanced technology, you’re able to receive the cash immediately into your PayPal account.

What next?
We’re in closed beta (pre-launch mode) with some big household-name brands making you offers. We’ll launch soon – meaning more & deeper insights and many more offers.
And the future?  There’s another reason that the app is so simple: we have *lot’s* more planned for you. The more people who join the community, the faster we’ll be able to create this new value for you – so tell your friends!
Together, we can make the Internet the place it was always meant to be.  Here’s to our digital freedom.
StJohn Deakins

StJohn founded CitizenMe with the aim to take on the biggest challenge in the Information Age: helping digital citizens gain control of their digital identity. Personal data has meaning and value to everyone, but there is an absence of digital tools to help people realise its value. With CitizenMe, StJohn aims to fix that. With a depth of experience digitising and mobilising businesses, StJohn aims for positive change in the personal information economy. Oh… and he loves liquorice.

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