The CitizenMe Expert Network has landed!

The CitizenMe Expert Network has landed! 1346 748 Beth Hepple

Since we opened up the CitizenMe Exchange, we have seen more and more people start using the platform. But things just got even better! You can now also get access to an insights expert with our Certified Expert Network.

An Expert Network?

Our Citizens are already harmoniously and ethically sharing their data with businesses, who are getting real-time access to interesting human insights. Now, companies are also able to access insights experts to help them get more out of their data. Our expert network includes those who have worked with brands across the globe in a range of sectors such as automotive, public sector and retail.

Our experts offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to clients, having worked in B2B and B2C using qualitative and quantitative data. With the upcoming GDPR, all brands will need to conduct their market and marketing research in an ethical and compliant way. The issue that many are facing, is that they don’t have the previous experience to be able to complete projects with efficiency. Some simply lack the experience of qualified researchers. Now, not only will you be able to get real-time results and deep insights with the CitizenMe Exchange, you will be able to have the data collected interpreted by a professional. So you need a better understanding of trends & forecasting, marketing effectiveness, digital transformation or something else? This is where our experts come in!

Why should this happen?

Businesses should have access to the best human data and the best human minds to create effective business solutions. We know how important artificial intelligence is, we even use it on our platform. But one thing we believe in at CitizenMe is that everything should be ethical and human driven. We have to utilise human intelligence too.

If you’re already using the CitizenMe Exchange, you can find an expert to help you with your project. If you don’t yet have a CitizenMe account, sign up to start getting deep, human insights from our Citizens.

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