Lockdown 2.0: Your Top Movie Recommendations!

Lockdown 2.0: Your Top Movie Recommendations! 942 628 Shaun Richards

It’s official – the UK is heading into a second national lockdown as of the 5th November 2020! (Yes, that’s tonight!). Many other nations are also in the process of battling COVID-19 and enforcing restrictions on Citizens’ lives, so millions of people will be staying within the four walls they call home for the foreseeable future! 

With the majority of our time being spent in our homes, we will need ways to keep ourselves entertained in order to avoid going completely stir crazy. Some people will turn to arts & crafts, others will bake, play board games and complete puzzles, but for the majority of us, we will turn to the old faithful… TV.

Watching content has never been more accessible than it is now. There are literally thousands of movies and TV shows that can be watched at a click of a button. During the last lockdown/circuit breakers in April of this year, there was a huge surge in users watching streamed TV:


And looking at the UK specifically, the BBC and Ofcom released these stats:


What Did You Say…

So the big question is: What should I watch this time?

This is the question we asked nearly 1400 of our UK Citizens on the 3rd of November. Below are your recommendations – based on different groups and streaming access. This will give you all the inspiration you need during the next round of COVID-19 restrictions …

Overall, What Lockdown Movies Do You Recommend?

As you can see, there is a real mix of old, new, seasonal, and just some epic blockbusters.

Big movie series like Harry Potter, The Avengers, Star Wars and Batman are still super popular.

There are some old classics such as Grease, Titanic and Dirty Dancing that still pop into the minds of many of you.

Seasonal movies such as Halloween, Home alone and Elf are also dominating the most mentioned movies to watch. 

Some newly released movies are also putting their hands up as being top contenders to watch, namely Holidate, Witches and Borat – VERY NICE!

What Do Women Recommend?

As you can see, among female Citizens, there are a lot of recommendations for more feel-good and Rom-Com style movies – Holidate, Pretty Woman, and Dirty Dancing.

There are also mentions of movies with strong female leads in them – The Hunger Games, The Invisible man, and Twilight.

And For Men?

For male Citizens, there are strong mentions of more action/gangster, and fantasy-based movies. The main action/gangster movies, we have Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard, and Highlander; for fantasy movies, there’s a strong showing for Deadpool, Batman, The Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix.

Recommendations From 18-34 Year-Olds

Among our slightly younger Citizens, we see some firm favourites coming through. Harry Potter still has the magic after all these years (and no doubt countless watches). The Avengers are still showing they can save the world during this lockdown period. Other notable mentions are movies like Parasite, The Green Mile, Inception and Jumanji – from my own 29 years old experience, I can highly recommend all four!

Lockdown Movie Recommendations From Citizens 35 And Over

Among our slightly older Citizens, we see some old favourites coming through. The force is still strong with Star Wars, while Grease and Dirty Dancing are still ‘grooving’ their way into people’s hearts and minds (and TV screens). Other notable mentions are movies like Top Gun, Jaws, Back to the Future, and Indiana Jones – the last movie definitely being one of my parents’ favourites!

Top Movies From Netflix Streamers?

For our Netflix viewers, there’s a great selection of movies to watch. We have everything from older content like The Greatest Showman, The Notebook, Big Hero 6, Fast and Furious, and Jurassic Park, to some of the latest content like Enola Holmes, Holidate, and The Invisible Man.

Finally, Top Movies From Amazon Prime Video Streamers?

For Citizens who use the Amazon Prime video app for video content, there’s also an epic selection of movies being recommended to watch. We have everything from older content like Shawshank Redemption, The Polar Express, Ghostbusters, Trolls, and Avatar, to some of the latest content like Witches, John Wick, and Ad Astra.

The Top 10’s

So there you have it – a ton of recommendations from you, our Citizens, to help the rest of the CitizenMe community through lockdown/societal restrictions. I hope we have given you some inspiration for the next few weeks, and that you’ll enjoy the recommendations! 

NEXT WEEK: We’ll share the TV shows that you’ve all recommended, so keep checking the banner in-app for the update next week!

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