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CitizenMe Awarded Top Spot for MarTech 50 Tech Companies 2022

CitizenMe Awarded Top Spot for MarTech 50 Tech Companies 2022 940 788 Georgie Morgan

The future of data is yours

CitizenMe’s audacious and essential purpose is to give every human on the planet the ability to participate fully in our new, collective, digital world on their own terms, through their own data.

That’s why we’ve been named #1 in BusinessCloud’s MarTech Top 50 marketing technology companies for 2022.

The innovation ranking by BusinessCloud celebrates businesses of all sizes creating tech for companies engaging in marketing, consumer research and advertising.

The future of data privacy is only going in one direction and we’re leading the way. Our app has helped over 420,000 digital Citizens (app users) take control of their data and gain value from it with 10 million completed zero-party data transactions. And we want you to join us.

With growing consumer concern over how their data is used and stored, the demand for greater privacy and transparency has resulted in increased legislation and compliance – Austria and France have recently found Google Analytics in breach of GDPR – and we’ve seen huge, market-changing events such as Google’s decision to phase out tracking cookies by 2023 and the powerful new privacy protections in Apple’s iOS 14.5/15.

Instead, our zero-party data approach provides highly consented and rich survey and behavioural data that isn’t stored on a 3rd party panel but on Citizens’ phones. They keep it on their devices. They share it or choose not to. Just them. No other parties, including CitizenMe, control it. That’s why we call it zero-party data.

And because we have an ‘always on’ marketplace portal, our clients have continuous access to light-touch, self-service survey launches, thousands of Citizen data points and additional functionality with our UX Prototypes, ‘white label’ hosting, and much, much more.

To build a greater understanding of your customers with the deep, insightful data they willingly share, you can sign up for free to the Marketplace today. Or if you would like us to advise on a current insight/research requirement, just click here for an appointment.