MyData Operator 2022

CitizenMe Awarded MyData Operator Status Again for 2022

CitizenMe Awarded MyData Operator Status Again for 2022 1042 572 Georgie Morgan

We’re a MyData Operator Awardee for the second year in a row

Our MyData Operator Award for 2022 has again confirmed that we’re ‘an ethical data’ pioneer. We’re pleased to be part of an elite global group of 33 organisations recognised for ethical data practices at MyData Global.

CitizenMe exists to empower people to take ownership of their data by giving them the ability to choose how to use it to build a better digital society – for everyone.

In doing so, we’re revolutionising the four trillion dollar global data economy (UN 2019). How? By creating a more personal internet. Giving people the true value of their data when sharing it creates an exponential increase in the flows of permission verified data for the entire digital economy.

Aligned ethos

We recognise the importance of taking ethical approaches to personal data management to reduce harm, improve safety online, and promote human-centric design. MyData Global is a non-profit organisation that promotes ethical approaches to personal data. Companies, organisations, and governments participating in MyData Global sign the MyData Declaration, which sets out a human-centric vision for personal data.

CitizenMe is the only fully functioning zero-party data platform in the world. Used by both customers (Citizens) and businesses, the CitizenMe Marketplace surfaces real-time and always-on human insights. It’s powered by 360-degree lifestyle data directly from 420,000 singed-up Citizens, with all personal data stored in the Citizen’s mobile app. Citizens have completed over 10 million zero-party data transactions since its inception.

Continued success

This good news has come ahead of us being announced as the UK’s top MarTech company for 2022, awarded by BusinessCloud. The innovation ranking by BusinessCloud celebrates businesses of all sizes creating tech for companies engaged in marketing, consumer research and advertising. Being number one is a huge honour. It’s a recognition that our objective of people gaining control of their data, and sharing it as they choose to, is the future.

To build a greater understanding of your customers with the deep, insightful data they willingly share, you can sign up for free to the Marketplace today. Or, if you would like us to advise on a current insight/research requirement, book an appointment.