New cutting-edge AI analytical tool

New cutting-edge AI analytical tool 1244 940 Claudia Velilla

We’re really excited to announce a brand new AI product suite in the works…

CitizenMe Automated Segmentation is the world’s first fully micro-segmentation tool. It’s a cutting edge AI analytical tool that will enable you to generate instantaneous segmentation and data clustering visualisations after running a data survey. Better yet, different data dimensions can be tapped on and off to reanimate the clusters – enabling you to reveal what data are most important in defining the different relationships within your community. Multiple types of CitizenMe data can be used, including behavioural, demographic, psychographic and attitudinal data.

This is the initial product in a suite of AI driven data insight visualisations that we’ll release over the coming months, all available through your existing CitizenMe account. If you’d like early access just message us!

What does this mean for you?

This exciting new feature will:

  • Uncover new target audiences through segmentation 
  • Generate deeper real-time insights into respondents’ behavioural and attitudinal profiles
  • Create sophisticated, interactive plots that allow you to dynamically adjust variables to find the variables that polarize or unite your customer communities

This model can assist with most research needs: messaging campaigns, consumer personalisation, identifying new target audiences, product innovation, customer growth, health research and more.

Here is a sneak peak of this new feature. It shows a prototype of the auto-generated segmentation using a simple data set. Clusters change dynamically as individual variables are tapped on and off.

You can also see the most representative respondents’ profile from each cluster. For example the most ‘alike’ person in the green cluster is extraverted, quite spontaneous, spends £135 on restaurants per month, checks in on Facebook fairly regularly when they go to restaurants each month and self-report as being a foodie.

Pretty cool stuff huh?

So when can I use it? 

Right now! We’ll make it generally available next month but we can give you early access,  just send us an email and we’ll be in touch soon.

Have any questions or are interested in early access? Get in touch at