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New CitizenMe private Insight: Vocational Interests (CVIS)

What career best fits you? 

Most of us have tasks that we enjoy doing, whatever our industry or our job title. The key to finding a career that interests us is to match our fundamental interests and our working style with our occupation. When it ‘clicks’, some people are even lucky enough to find a vocation (a job they feel they were destined to do). However, many people fall into a career path that doesn’t quite fit, and wonder if they could ever do something more fulfilling.

Your Career and your vocational interests
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Simply put, when you are doing tasks that you like, you enjoy your work. It sounds simple, but how can you be sure of what tasks you really like, and then how do you match them to real jobs that exist?

To get started, we’ve created a free career test: the CitizenMe Vocational Interest Scales (CVIS) to give you insight into your ideal ‘job personality’. It’s based on the leading academic scale called ‘ORVIS’ (more below), and our team’s Psychology expert has updated it slightly to be more relevant for our international CitizenMe community. 

Your Career and your vocational interests
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In future, the plan is to enable you to start combining these results with your other CitizenMe data and insights. For example, you could combine your CitizenMe vocational interests with your Emotional Quotient (EQ), Life Priorities, Big5 personality results and digital interests (favourite movies, TV, books, podcasts and social-media). As a result, we hope to make the most accurate vocational guidance possible for you. The CitizenMe app is uniquely capable of providing these insights for you, privately and on your own smartphone.

Your Career and your vocational interests
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How it works

The key to finding a satisfying career is to match your fundamental interests with occupations. For example, a sociable person might go crazy sitting alone in an office all day. Or if you’re artistic, you might find it hard to conform to a set of strict repetitive and logical rules in your job. This is why vocational interest tests can be so helpful.  Your career matters to your overall happiness and life satisfaction.

Most important of all, remember that the results are completely private to you and stay on your phone, so please be honest with yourself to get your best possible answers.

Your Career and your vocational interests
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The test is comprised of a number of questions, and we’ve split them into three separate surveys to make it easier for you to complete them.  A fourth and final survey combines all of the answers from parts 1, 2 and 3 together to provide your complete interest scales, and hopefully some helpful insight.  The eight characteristics measured to guide you on your career are:
1. Leadership
2. Analysis
3. Organisation
4. Creativity
5. Adventure
6. Altruism
7. Production
8. Erudition
The question sets are available in the app now, start with part one here.

Your Career and your vocational interests
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CitizenMe Psychometrics 

Our mission is provide everyone with true value from our personal data. The first step is to help you to reveal the knowledge that exists in your data. We do this in the form of private personal insights. These insights combine to provide you with more and more insights as you gather more data.  We do all this using “ZeroData”, all the data and the insights are generated on your own smartphone. We push the ‘AI’ out to you on your phone for maximum privacy and security.

CVIS your career and your vocational interests
CVIS: CitizenMe Vocational Interests Scale

There are already over twenty-five psychometric insights available for you in the CitizenMe app. Over time, we are training these insights against all of our ‘behavioural’ data, such as the apps we use or the way we use social media. We have created a few of these already, for example, you can do your private Twitter personality insight here, and your private Facebook personality insight here. We have many more of these arriving for you!

Your Career and your vocational interests
CVIS: Your Career and Your Vocational Interests

Oregon Vocational Interest Scales (ORVIS) & your career

The ORVIS scale was developed in the USA, and it has become the leading global academic career interest scale. Many proprietary, commercial scales used in recruitment will use ORVIS as a baseline. The scores are translated into occupational interest scores developed by a psychologist called John Holland in the 1970s. Dr. Holland reasoned that people work best in work environments that match their personal preferences. Therefore, we should be able to match people and work environments for a best fit.

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Download CitizenMe
If you’re on a laptop, open your phone camera and scan the QR code to download the CitizenMe app

Foot Notes:
1 The ORVIS Scoring Key that we have used was developed by Goldberg ( in 1999 and is open source: 
2 Holland, John L. Making vocational choices: A theory of careers. Prentice Hall, 1973.
3 The ORVIS insight has been extensively peer reviewed (checked by other experts). A key paper is available here

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