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Imagine if you could…find your ideal customer

Imagine if you could…find your ideal customer 1250 1246 jennifer

It’s possible with CitizenMe

It’s crazy how hard it is to figure out who your ideal customer is. It should be simple, right? For example, you work at a company that sells pet insurance. Surely everyone who has a dog wants to buy your pet insurance? However, if you work in marketing, product development, or any start-up, you know the answer is a lot harder. 

Forget the marketing ‘jargon-speak’ for a second. Trying to find your ideal customer in an internet haze is the equivalent of finding the goose that lays the golden egg. 🥚🥚  Everyone knows it is possible, but finding the right mix-and-match is downright…tough!!! 

Warp Speed Ahead

Then, throw in the fact that everyone is online, working from home, the stress of lockdowns and a pandemic. The reality is that everyone’s behaviour and preferences are rapidly changing. So, not only is it hard, it has to be done at warp speed. 🚀

Reveal the Magic of Citizen Data through Zero Party Data Tech


With thousands of permutations of customer data points, CitizenMe makes the impossible → possible. Want to find females in London, who have the Garmin app and love dogs? You can do it! 

CitizenMe is able to provide you with thousands of different permutations of data points on everyday people – all with consent. But, in a completely counter-intuitive way, CitizenMe does it by holding no personal data. 

How? CitizenMe asks normal, everyday people to share their personal data. Through the power of Zero Party Data technology and Edge Computing, all data is stored on their phones. 

Our unique SaaS Marketplace provides a way for a company to ask Citizens for data in exchange for real-time rewards (often in the form of immediate payment via PayPal). You get anonymous and aggregated data, Citizens get an immediate value exchange. 

Win-Win! Thus, we stay compliant, data is provided ethically and we protect our citizen’s data privacy. 

Citizens stay engaged with CitizenMe because it is a Lifestyle App. We provide Citizens with insights about themselves, ask them to donate data to charities or participate in paid surveys. 

Testing in Real-Time. Results in Minutes. 

Get the insights you need to make the right decisions. Our platform is a speedy self-service masterpiece, returning results in record time. Sign up for a free trial. 

And with recent upgrades, CitizenMe has made it even easier to: 

  1. build a detailed ideal customer persona with over 350 deep-data points such as Installed Apps + Cultural Values + more
  2. provide insights and analysis on shifting attitudes from your ideal customer
  3. test your UX/UI prototype or product on your ideal customer
  4. test your campaign concept or brand on your ideal customer

All this can be achieved within hours with our self-service SaaS platform. Go ahead and sign up for a business account